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Acoustic tone and feedback control

The2mic, combined with modern digital amplification gear, is revolutionizing the world of live sound amplification for guitars

The2mic, with modern digital amplification gear, can achieve extremely high volume levels while maintaining natural acoustic tone, and in a more simple amplification process which improves the listening experience for both the audience and guitarist.

The unique, phased format of the2mic, allows analog miniature mics to accurately record the tone of an acoustic or classical guitar, while also delivering an extremely dense signal which merges perfectly with the digital format of modern amplification gear. The end result allows classical & acoustic guitarists to perform at very high volume levels, without feedback, and having natural acoustic tone…. using small & lightweight powered speakers that create an amazing amplified sound experience both on-stage and in the audience.

This amazing tone quality and feedback resistance of the2Mic is re-writing many of the “rules” for live sound amplification for classical & acoustic guitars. So, it is important for guitarists to understand how this modern digital amplification gear works so well with the2Mic and how every guitarist can best utilize this amazing marriage of analog & digital technologies.


Prior to the arrival of the2mic, stage monitors, which allow a performer to hear themselves on a large stage, were always placed on the floor of the stage in front of the performers, and facing away from the audience.

But using the2mic, these monitors for a guitarist can now be placed behind the performer, and facing towards the audience. This creates a unified field where all of the amplified sound is traveling in one direction, allowing the performer, the audience, and the sound engineer to all hear this unified wave of sound energy.

Sadly, traditional hand held or stand mounted mics cannot be rear monitored due to potential feedback. But we at the2mic are hard at work to try and develop such hand held the2mics so that a whole stage with multiple instruments and vocalists can someday be fully rear monitored.


Older analog equipment is excellent for capturing subtle (thin) nuances of tone quality, but the lack of density limits the range for how these analog signals can be amplified. Analog gear tends to be very complex to operate, the equipment is bulky and heavy, and there are ceilings for how much an acoustic signal can be amplified before the tone quality deteriorates.

Comparatively, modern digital amplification gear is much easier to use, is compact and lightweight, is much less expensive, loves to receives the incredibly dense signals recorded by the2mic and can be amplified to incredibly high volume levels while still keep the accuracy of the acoustic tone. Using a the2Mic with modern digital amplification, a classical or acoustic guitarist can now play as loud as with any instrument or ensemble, however large, and still sound authentically acoustic.

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