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And here it is, the2Mic-Viiper ™

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the2Mic-Viiper™, a revolutionary advancement in the amplification of classical and flamenco guitars. This unique design offers:

- Authentic acoustic tone reproduction

- Hassle-free mounting without any guitar modifications

- A stealthy design that remains virtually unseen by the audience

- An affordable price point

Ken Donnell, with his 40 years of experience in amplifying nylon-stringed guitars, has engineered a "signature design" that encapsulates all the essential features for amplifying classical and flamenco guitars. The2Mic-Viiper employs an elastic cord mechanism that securely fits around the edge of the fingerboard and heel for quick mounting, while remaining virtually unnoticeable to the audience.

The innovative "inside-outside" design allows for optimal placement of the two microphone elements used with the Viper, recording the most authentic tone qualities from any guitar. Both microphones are mounted on flexible goosenecks for convenient positioning or adjustment, catering to each guitar's unique air patterns which may necessitate slightly varied microphone positions.

To facilitate hardwiring to a PA system, a 12 ft TRS-XLR cable is included (free of charge). This cable ensures the full transmission of the Viper's balanced, low impedance signal to a PA mixer or acoustic amp. Please note: the Viiper requires 9-48 v phantom power from the mixer or amp, and this TRS-XLR cable is necessary for hard-wired operation.

As an added bonus, the Viiper™ features a rocker switch to convert the output signal to an unbalanced two-conductor signal. This is compatible with most transmitters used in contemporary wireless microphone systems, offering an effective wireless option.

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