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The2mic-EndPin:Deluxe also mounts via the endpin/output jack, and with two mics on goosenecks. The Deluxe operates via phantom power so you will never need to change batteries and the mics swivel on the end of each gooseneck for more easy mic placement.  The Deluxe also has the option of being wired together with a pickup togther, so both the pickup and the2Mic signals exits the guitar via the endpin/output jack of the2Mic (note the loop of wires at the base of the goosenecks in the photo).  

The the2Mic-EndPin:Deluxe is the ultimate EndPin model, with numerous features:

  • Compatible with a separate pickup on the guitar for stereo output

  • Can be permanently installed or effortlessly transferred to another guitar

  • Wireless compatibility (expected availability in late 2023-24)

  • Mic level or line level signal options


  • NOTE: Our products are not available to order from this website. These pages are for information only.

    The2Mic has partnered with String By Mail. This means you will be able to order our products directly from their website along with all the other great products they offer.  Here are links and info:

    Order online :


    Phone: 800-513-8271

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