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The NAMM show is back in January in Anaheim CA, and the2Mic will be joining exhibitors from all around the world to display the newest musical gear, including the incredible new Viiper™ model of 2Mic.    Our NAMM booth for the2Mic has become an important venue for performances by a wide range of musicians playing classical, flamenco, bluegrass, Hawaiian, and many different styles of pop music.  We have had musicians from all around the world performing on our NAMM the2Mic stage, and expect more of the same in 2024.


Stay tuned for more updates about the fabulous 2024 NAMM show and the great music being performed at our booth using our new Viiper.

NAMM 2024

NAMM 2023 was a huge success, and a “breakout event” for the2Mic. We're looking forward to NAMM 2024 being another great event for us.

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Our NAMM story

Ken Donnell and Bill Kanengiser of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet have realized their dream with the success of NAMM 2023. Ken has been working on the2Mic for many decades and has now conquered the issue of feedback, achieved great acoustic tone at high volumes, and created ergonomic mounting options that require no guitar modifications. At the2mic, we have been gaining knowledge on modern digital amplification gear, and we can readily advise guitarists on how to purchase and use our products for small, lightweight, high-quality, and relatively inexpensive amplification gear.

The current state-of-the-art amplification model is the2Mic-Studio, which was developed with the help of Bill Kanengiser during the pandemic. The first prototypes were used to amplify and record the post-pandemic virtual concert of LAGQ in 2021. Unfortunately, the Dixie Fire destroyed everything related to the2Mic and their older brand, MiniFlex Microphones. However, they were able to complete the design work with the help of prototypes that were returned to them, and they were able to get the2Mic-Studio into production in early 2023.


At NAMM 2023, Bill Kanengiser and several of his master-level students at the University of Southern California performed on the2Mic booth stage using the new the2Mic-Studio model. Ken Donnell had been working with Bill and LAGQ since the late 1990s and it took over twenty years for him to design a microphone that met Bill's high standard for tone quality. But the end result is the2Mic-Studio, which allowed the beauty of classical and flamenco guitar music to be heard clearly through the noise of the NAMM show floor. This success at NAMM 2023 suggests that the2Mic-Studio can deliver high-quality acoustic tone without feedback, and one can only imagine the level of sound quality a classical or flamenco guitarist can achieve with any symphony orchestra or musical ensemble, regardless of the venue's size.


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