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From The Ashes

This past year has been a difficult experience for myself and MiniFlex Microphones, as we suffered 100% destruction from the Dixie Fire in August, 2021. But now, just a single year later, we are poised to return to active business, and once again have our MiniFlex and the2Mic models available for sale. In addition to re-introducing some our most popular older models, we will also be offering new and "cutting edge" models which yield even greater sound clarity and feedback rejection.

Later this month, we, and our distributors at Strings by Mail, will announce the start of a "MiniFlex Revival Sale" offering 100 signed and documented pieces of the studio2Mic™ built by myself at my new facility in Quincy CA, and at the same price planned for our product release last year (no inflation added). Please check this website and for updates about this MiniFlex Revival Sale.

-- Ken Donnell

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