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NAMM 2024 follow up

Adam Del Monte playing the2Mic at NAMM 2024

The 2024 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, marked a significant milestone in the journey of the2Mic™, especially following the total devastation we experienced due to a wildfire in 2021. Despite facing numerous challenges in our path to recovery, the horizon now seems more promising than ever.

The Anaheim NAMM Show witnessed a resurgence in attendance, a hopeful sign of recovery from the pandemic years. Likewise, the interest in the latest models of the2Mic has been on an encouraging upward trend. Positioned once more amidst the vibrant cacophony of the exhibit halls, our booth stood out thanks to the unparalleled feedback resistance of the2Mic, ensuring that the performances of classical and flamenco guitarists were not just heard, but resonated beautifully.

Our booth became a buzzing hub of activity with guitarists eagerly demonstrating and evaluating the newest the2Mic prototypes, alongside older models that continue to set the standard for tone quality and feedback rejection. We also showcased the next-generation prototypes of the eagerly awaited Viiper™ quick mount model. With a product launch set for July, the enthusiasm and anticipation from those who tested this model were palpable.

Despite our proximity to the quieter acoustic section, we found ourselves amidst a symphony of drums and directly across from a booth showcasing bass amps. The deep, resonant vibrations presented a formidable challenge, testing the mettle of our the2Mic models against extreme amplification difficulties. Yet, apart from a few moments of overwhelming sound where earplugs were our best respite, our products stood their ground, reaffirming the2Mic's reputation for exceptional feedback resistance and maintaining superior tone quality, even in the face of high volume levels.

Looking ahead, the2Mic is set to grace the Los Angeles Guitar Festival in Santa Clarita, CA, from May 17-19. The event will feature performances by the2Mic endorsing artists, Adam del Monte and Jason McGuire, among others. This upcoming festival is yet another opportunity for us to showcase the resilience, innovation, and excellence of the2Mic, as we continue to move forward with renewed optimism and commitment to our craft.

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