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Antonio Rey + the2Mic-Viiper

The recent Los Angeles Guitar Festival proved to be a resounding success for the2Mic, with one of the highlights being Ken Donnell's meeting with the globally acclaimed Spanish flamenco guitarist, Antonio Rey.

Antonio was previously a happy user of our earlier model, the2Mic-pro, but was truly taken by our newest release, the2Mic-Viiper. For his main performance on Saturday evening, Antonio relied on his the2Mic, delivering an impressive sound quality. Astonishingly, the volume was so robust, he had to request the sound engineer to reduce it.

As his performance kicked off, a powerful "wall of sound" surged from the speakers, initially overwhelming the room. However, thanks to a proficient sound engineer, the volume was quickly moderated, creating an intimate ambiance as if everyone was "seated merely 5 feet away from the guitar". The clarity and natural tone of Antonio's performance was maintained, even at the peak volumes of the initial piece, with not a hint of feedback throughout.

Following the concert, Ken and Antonio had the chance to catch up, and Antonio secured his new Viiper for future performances. We're elated to have Antonio as an official endorser for the2Mic-Viiper.

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