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MiniFlex Rocks NAMM 2022

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Thanks to the many performing artists who use our 2Mics, and to many friends and family, a Go Fund Me Campaign started by Adam del Monte raised enough donations to get us able to think about re-starting MiniFlex last December. In January, I made the difficult, but now wise decision to exhibit our new product designs at the NAMM show, held this past June 2022, in Anaheim CA. Our display at NAMM was a smashing success, and this success was never more clear than one amazing moment when Adam del Monte was playing Bach, and the amplified sound was so clear and penetrating that all of the electric guitars and amps in our immediate vicinity became quiet so that everyone could listen to the magic of Bach played at high volume, and with clear, authentic acoustic tone. Truly, I can say, that for one brilliant moment, our 2mic, with Adam's incredible artistry, tamed the savage beast of rock 'n roll.

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