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Latest Update on the MiniFlex Website

A message from Ken Donnell - founder and owner of MiniFlex Microphones and the2Mic

Dear Friends and customers:

After experiencing total destruction of MiniFlex by the Dixie Fire in 2021, 2022 was a year filled with great challenges. Every time I turned around, I found us missing some tool, or fixture, or unique material to complete sometimes very simple tasks. Some of these tools and fixture were built by myself, and decades ago. We were also working out of very cramped quarters while living deep in the mountains of Norther California….. a place where resources are limited and there is no next day delivery from anywhere.

We did managed to display at the NAMM show in June of 2022, and showed a beautiful group of new and old products. We specifically asked to be located next to the section with electric guitars so that we could prove the newest MiniFlex Models could produce great tone quality, at any volume level, and without feedback. It was amazing to hear Adam del Monte overpower the cacophony of a hunter electric guitars and amps while playing Bach and using our newest 2mic prototypes.

But when we tried to move to manufacturing, obstacles appeared at every turn, and our best intentions never materialized into a stable capacity to manufacture and ship MiniFlex or the2Mic products.

The good news is that we did manage to sign a long term lease on a suitable new manufacturing facility in Quincy CA, which is near to my previous home in Greenville CA, and where I have been living since I was displaced by the Dixie Fire. We have been making steady progress every day towards have MiniFlex and the2Mic microphones ready to sell and ship.

Other good news is that we have secured an agreement with our long term partner, Strings by Mail, to be the exclusive distributor for MiniFlex Microphones and the2Mic. Strings by Mail is a great organization with great customer service, and having them handle sales & shipping will free up a lot of my energy to focus on manufacturing and product development. Strings by Mail can be contacted on the internet at,

by email at -

or by telephone a. t 800-513-8271

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