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Updated: Apr 8, 2023

The music world eagerly anticipates the return of the2Mic™, following the complete destruction of our business by the Dixie Wildfire in 2021. Our journey to recovery has been long and challenging, but we are back with the most advanced the2Mic products to date. Our latest offerings deliver unparalleled acoustic tone reproduction and exceptional feedback resistance, outperforming any other microphone design on the market.

Experience genuine sound, play as loud as you desire, and forget about feedback concerns!

The the2Mic family is making a comeback with three products available exclusively through Strings by Mail ( or 800-513-8271):

  1. the2Mic-Studio™

  2. the2Mic-EndPin™

  3. the2Mic-EndPin:Deluxe™

The the2Mic-Studio is a brand-new model, developed in collaboration with Bill Kanengiser of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. This innovative Studio model truly stands out in its class boasting top-of-the-line tone reproduction . Its Quick Mount design allows for easy installation within a minute, with no modifications required for your guitar. Ideal for studio applications, but equally impressive for live performances.

Both the the2Mic-EndPin and the2Mic-EndPin:Deluxe are inspired by the earliest the2Mic designs but have been enhanced to provide superior tone quality and feedback resistance.

The the2Mic-EndPin stays true to the original the2Mic design. It features a battery-operated "Plug 'n Play" format, offering simplicity, affordability, and reliability.

The the2Mic-EndPin:Deluxe is the ultimate EndPin model, with numerous features:

  • Compatible with a separate pickup on the guitar for stereo output

  • Can be permanently installed or effortlessly transferred to another guitar

  • Wireless compatibility (expected availability in late 2023-24)

  • Mic level or line level signal options

These three models are the culmination of 35 years of dedicated research and development by company founder Ken Donnell, who remains the owner of the2Mic (originally MiniFlex Microphones).

If you cherish the natural acoustic sound of your guitar, the2Mic will undoubtedly be your go-to choice for amplification and recording.

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